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Tickets (TIX)TIX is a unique crypto currency being the only scrypt-jane with random block rewards for the first several hundred thousand blocks. It is a collective effort of several prominent developers that have experience both creating and maintaining networks for coins. Not only does this provide solid coding for the coin itself, but also the knowledge and experience to keep the network going and patch any issues, should they arise.

The development team will remain anonymous at this point

but will continue to monitor and maintain both the code and network better than any other developer or development team can. Our team is comprised of individuals that are responsible for no fewer than 20 coins currently being exchanged. Mine and trade with confidence of instant transactions knowing that this coin is backed by the best, and only the best. We don’t want this coin to succeed based on our reputations of releasing very solid and profitable coins. This one will speak for itself!


Dane techniczne:

  • Algorytm : Scrypt-Jane
  • Block Time 32 seconds
  • Ports 7997-7998
  • First reward halving at 32,000,000,000
  • Max moneysupply 100,000,000,000
  • No premine
  • INSTANT Transactions
  • Przeliczenie trudności przez sieć następuje co : 360 bloków/6 godzin

The value of LotteryTickets as a currency hiding and dependence on the banking system

Based on these assumptions, the value of LotteryTickets should grow in the long run due to the tight constraints of embedded supply in the system and the increased demand. Another reason to increase the growth rate of monetary value is the growing awareness of the widely understood currency encryption and its usefulness. The transaction history between addresses is public and can guarantee the far-reaching anonymity of the transaction by not being able to clearly state who is the address holder, based on the assumptions of the Satoshi Nakamoto Declaration. This is one of the first and major differences compared to the banking system, where the transaction log is one of the most watched register types. manifestu Satoshi Nakamoto zagwarantowana jest daleko idąca anonimowość transakcji poprzez brak możliwości jednoznacznego stwierdzenia kto jest posiadaczem danego adresu. Jest to pierwsza i jedna z większych różnic w porównaniu do systemów bankowych w których dzienniki transakcji są jednymi z najbardziej pilnowanych typów rejestrów .
LotteryTickets is on the state, it is not issued by any state-related agency, the auditor is the LotteryTickets community.

LotteryTickets as a payment tool

it has been used as a means of payment. You can now pay with LotteryTickets, etc. A fixed store and several online stores in Manhatan, Szczecin. From here, we invite companies and individuals willing to contact to establish a possible payment implementation plan. we offer payment modules for the engines of the PrestaShop online store.

Personal account

Company account

Film producer

Anyone can be the owner of his LotteryTickets address, without the slightest problem. All you need to do is download any version of the LotteryTickets client for this purpose. Once the client is started, the network will synchronize and generate a unique address across the network. You can use this address to make a transfer.

There is also no difference between the company and personal accounts of the network LotteryTickets and the anonymity of each entity and each individual's principle to have an unlimited number of addresses to send and receive payments. According to the Bitcoin Network Manifesto (we don't forget that LotteryTickets is based on the best features of the Bitcoin network), each transaction should use a unique pair of sender and recipient addresses to ensure more anonymity.

Currently, the project is developing a third development team.

LotteryTickets team

In addition to developing the source code for the currency itself, the LotteryTickets development team is also responsible for processing the following services


1. Download aclient for the network.

LotteryTickets can be purchased directly

3. LotteryTickets
The LotteryTickets market is still young but growing rapidly. We have a stable network of nodes, an active development team and a mobilized user base that is compatible with the Polcoin concept.

4. Create LotteryTickets

5. Business partner office
LotteryTickets Business Partner Office


  • LotteryTickets
  • LotteryTickets

6. Join the community

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